Mikromat Fräsen 12V

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JIG-Precision portals for maximum accuracy

Decades of experience in the production and use of vertical and horizontal jig boring machines and jig milling machines have defined a new type of machine for JIG 5-side and 5-axis machining. Precision is determined by the totality of the finishing process. The complete finishing of the work piece in once clamping is the most efficient way for high precision. Extended axis in combination with head and extension system achieve maximum work space at a minimum machine size. Boring, milling and grinding technologies are all fully integrated.
Table area LxW: 2000x1250 mm
Max. table load: 5000 kg
Dimensions: 9500 x 4500 x 5100 mm
Positional uncertainty X/Y/Z: 0,0025 / 0,0025 / 0,0025 mm
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Mikromat Fräsmaschiene 12V
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