Mikromat Fräsen 5 Achsen 20V 5D

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MIKROMAT performance guarantee

We guarantee the amortization of your MIKROMAT plant in less than two years when using the MIKROMAT consultancy tools.

Utmost accuracy in processing of your workpieces, realized by MIKROMAT precision machinery, as well as an increased efficiency of your production by using MIKROMAT industrial automation enable you to significantly expanding the competitive advantages of both your products and your production.
Therefore, our systems are optimized to functionality as well as economic efficiency and competitive conditions.
Offering complex 5 side and 5 axis machining of your workpieces in one clamping position and a custom-tailored development of your individual automation solutions increase the productivity of your processes and supports you in saving money and labor time.

MIKROMAT systems combined with your know-how can give you a head start in sustainable production.

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