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Precision to the µ for more than 150 years

1863   Hermann Großmann founded a factory for the production of household sewing machines in Dresden. Soon after that, the production range is expanded to include column type lathes, polishing machines as well as boring and milling machines.
1869   The mechanic starts the production of mathematical-physical instruments and apparatus in Dresden.
1914   The Elbe-Werke are founded in Meißen. The company produces keyway-broaching machines and lathes.
1959   MIKROMAT is created in the merger of Feinstmaschinenwerke Dresden and Schleifmaschinenwerk Dresden. The production range includes, aside from jig boring machines, grinding machines and lathes, as well.
1996   MIKROMAT develops the first precision portal from two-dimensional jig boring machines for complete high-precision pentagonal processing (MIKROMAT 15 VX).
1997   MIKROMAT 20V is start of first generation precision portals 12V - 16V -20V
2006   second generation of precision portals 12V - 16V - 20V - 40V
2011   MIKROMAT JIG portals have fully integrated vertical and horicontal boring/ milling as well as JIG grinding.
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